To sell or not to sell the fans down the river

With the Matt Capps trade yesterday, things just got a lot more interesting. It is a shrewd GM that sells a closer when his team is not playoff bound. Especially shrewd because if Capps came back to the Nats, he would cost tons of dollas. Might as well get something for him rather than lose him next year.

Plus, Capps melted down last year; 10 HRs in 54 innings and a 1.65 WHIP. He is not that elite closer that is actually worth paying money for. He is the definition of overvalued. So I am impressed Nationals GM Mike Rizzo had the foresight to trade him. Sure, Capps was an All-Star, but every team gets one. Remember Mike Williams? Sometimes the league is grasping at straws.

We have a couple days until the trade deadline, where the real question becomes: Was this just a nice move or the start of a fire sale? AKA: Will Adam Dunn be resigned or traded? No one actually knows; do not believe any LeBronish predictions. But the willingness to trade Capps trade does imply the plug COULD be pulled on this team’s 3-4-5 (Zim, Dunn, Hammer) core. And that’s enough to make me worry.

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