Strasburg DL’d for inflammation of the shoulder

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If I had to put this on a scale of concern from a Latos sneeze (the low-end) to a Mark Fidrych’s arm after 1977 (the HIGH end) I’d say it’s a lot more sneezarific.

Why not to be concerned:  The fifteen-day DL is really nothing for a starting pitcher who only pitches every fifth day anyways.  Combine that with the fact that it’s retroactive and that Strasburg said he’s healthy and you what looks like a non-issue.

Why you should be concerned: Doctors basically know jack about shoulder injuries.  A friend of mine just told me about something called Glenohumeral Internal-Rotation Deficit, that most orthopedic surgeons don’t know anything about.

Having GIRD means your shoulder’s rotation is restricted.  This happens after throwing hundreds of thousands of times causes your shoulder to adapt to the small stress you repeatedly put it under.

It’s just scary to think doctors and medical researchers are still trying to figure out how to fix a busted shoulder over 30 years after Tommy John had his famous elbow surgery.


Brand New like a Kanye Song

You could completely obliterate your ulnar collateral ligament get the surgery and come back good as new.  Sure you have to take a year off to do rehab but it’s really not a big deal anymore.

John himself ended his career with 288 wins, 164 of which, came AFTER the surgery.

The Nats Jordan Zimmermann had it and is on track to pitch later this year.  Dozens of other pitchers and position players have had the surgery and come back.

For the other side of this story just look at Brandon Webb’s shoulder.  He has pitched one game since 2008 and no one knows whats wrong.

To recap elbow good, shoulder bad.

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