Detwiler to start; is Wang still sore?

“You can never have too much pitching.”

Obviously. Having a star pitcher is so precarious due to the complexities of the throwing motion and human arm, that if I was a GM, I would just trade anyone good away immediately due to fear of an injury.

Luckily the Nats haven’t done that, and though their season isn’t continuing at the torrid .500 pace at the beginning of the year, they have been playing will enough to likely bring Riggleman back. With rookie Luis Atilano now injured, Ross Detwiler will be the first of a hoped-for parade of pitchers with nasty stuff will be joining Washington.

Chien-Ming Wang: Three weeks old, but most recent thing I could find is no timetable for his return to pitching. Three years ago, he was money. He could pitch at some point this year.

Jordan Zimmermann: 92 strike outs, 29 walks. If his 2009 numbers and his recent starts in Potomac are an indication, the Nats will have their No. 2 starter back by late August/early September.

Jason Marquis: Just pitched in my hometown and looked OK. Kilgore says he should be back in a week or two. He is the most established of the arms the Nats might get back, but his real value will be next year, when the Nats will either be a few wins better and trying for a Wild Card or bad again. If the latter, he will be trade bait.

Scott Olsen: Olsen continues his rehab as well, with a start in Potomac. He may be an insurance policy right now, and with the continuing injury parade, will probably get another shot.

John Lannan: The Nationals steadiest pitcher last year has been very off-balance this year and is now pitching for Harrisburg. Can’t say problems were unexpected; his contact pitching always seemed fragile. Strikeout numbers are low, WHIP is relatively high. The Nationals’ terrible defense affects a contact pitcher more too; that may be a factor. If he gets it together he MAY be back. I could see him being released/traded too.

If lightning strikes and all four of these guys plus Detwiler come back, does that mean they team with Strasburg for the last three days of September and dominate?

Probably not. He may be shut down by then and we can’t forget about the Nationals’ MVP of this year: Livo. He is having one of the best seasons of his career, and with his rubber arm, he could “Old Satch” us for 10 more years if he so chooses. I say sign him to one of those hockey 17-year deals and let him pitch into his mid-50s.

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