A C-section to the B-section

Secret message for Russian spies hidden in the headline. From Wikipedia.

Secret message for Russian spies hidden in the headline. From Wikipedia.

I am a big Post reader; it is my ish. I subscribe and try to digest the majority of every edition, every day. I even know most of the bylines. Yes, this is dorky.

But it helps me notice trends at one of the country’s last great daily papers (The Post, WSJ and The New York Times is really all we have left. I read the Trib last week in the Chi. Not in the same league). So I was surprised to see a story by Dan Zak about breeding giant salamaders on B1 of the Metro section today.

Selected snippets:

-Okay, time for some live lizard sex. Er, live amphibian sex.

-One in particular acted stoned.

-…which plans to be the first facility to breed the boogers outside Japan.

I like Dan Zak. He is a strong writer with wit and a good sense of humor. However, he is a Style section writer who sometimes gets the “off-beat” slot on A1. I was under the impression the Metro section was for local columnists and hard news. Forget that awful new page 2, which is almost entirely Internet comments, for now. So next to the drier writing on the page, this salamander piece really stands out.

This is an evergreen piece. I see no reason it couldn’t have waited for a day there was space in the Style section. Metro readers are probably not used to seeing words like “booger” in their reporting besides Petula Dvorak’s columns.

I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with this story being in the Metro section, but it is odd. Is this a continued trend of slightly snarkier reporting in the Post or just a mistake? For 75 cents, you can find out tomorrow.

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