Venezuelan recipe: Hold the Mayo

Greivis Vasquez’s NBA Summer League play for Memphis was erratic and turnover-filled. This should surprise 0 Maryland fans.


I'd like to thank O.J. Mayo's 15 turnovers.

His best game was likely a nine-point, seven-assist effort against the much-heralded D-League Select team. But against the Spurs he was 2 of 7 from the field and had SEVEN turnovers. The second-most  encouraging thing is that he averaged 26 minutes a game. The most encouraging is that O.J. Mayo had 15 turnovers in two games. Vasquez may be getting some point guard time this season yet for the Grizz.

It doesn’t look like Landon Milbourne made much of an impact on the Hawks either. He only played in four games, and on July 17 he took eight shots in nine minutes and had three fouls. Well, that makes sense: Sit on the bench long enough and anyone becomes a chucker. Just too bad he didn’t get more run. Europe?

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