Come one come all

And watch as we scorch the earth and leave a baron path behind us.

Take a gander at those photo galleries.  There is nothing they can tell/show me that doesn’t make this scream environmental disaster.

This is kind of a riff off what Bmoney posted earlier but I’d thought I’d add my own personal touch.

My mom lives about a block from one of these segments.  There used to be a giant field (for Silver Spring) between Old Columbia Pike and Columbia Pike along Fairland Road.  There were about two houses for this 10ish-acre plot. The local fire department held an bi-annual  carnival there, it was nice.

I always secretly wished I’d buy the extra land in the future and build my own baseball field on it that I’d rent out to adult leagues and let kids play on for free.

But all that is out the window as nearly all the land is going to the ICC.  All over Montgomery County it looks like someone took a gigantic, Rambo-style knife and carved the crap out of the land.

Ain't she a beauty

Looks like this, smells much worse

Not only does the ICC create more impervious surface, stuff that will contribute to thehot, dirty water rushing straight into our streams and rivers, but it also gets rid of tons of trees.

Trees by the way are just about the greatest GD thing ever created.  They help prevent errosion, they create oxygen and they provide habitat for animals.  Oh yea they also help cool the freaking earth which, and I don’t know if you are familiar with this, is quite the problem.

Hey geniuses, why don’t you just build the metro up 29 like you said you would.  Oh that’s right we don’t have any money.  I guess we’re screwed.

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