Is it just me or is it serendipitous that there is an article about the sky-high personal debt of Kwame Brown, a D.C. at-large City Council member, in the same Sunday issue of the Post that gives us a look at the, umm, financial priorities of ex-Chicago guv and now-on-trial Rod Blagojevich?

I do not know much about Kwame, but he is running for council chair against Vincent Orange,  who is running on a platform that combines green and orange in the most sick and twisted display since your last good lettuce vom. He is someone worth paying attention to.

I also don’t know if a politician’s bad personal finances will affect his/her ability to govern.

But I do know this: It doesn’t look good to have any qualities resembling old Brago. At the same time, I suppose it would be possible to make anyone look bad in this manner. We all have skeletons, right? There are plenty of college dropouts and drunk drivers who hold elected office. Kwame hasn’t done anything illegal, and he probably can identify with the thousands of D.C. citizens who are over their head in debt.


It is hypocritical to talk about your financial acumen when you are living above your means. It’s like saying your last name is Orange, but then plastering puke green all over your campaign signs. Shoulda gone with the all-orange motif, Orange.

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