Basement blogging at non-bargain basement prices

View from the underground

For well over $1000 a month, this too can be your spectacular view.

Reading the almost always great Roger K. Lewis’ Shaping the City column yesterday on air conditioning and its effect on modern life, I couldn’t help but reflect on one of the few advantages of being a basement blogger.

Yes, I blog from a basement. No, it is not my parents’ basement. Yes, the monthly rent on said English Basement is more than said parents’ mortgage. Advantages to previously-said apartment: location, cost, patio and, remarkably, temperature.

Returning home from a recent vacation, the temperature in Washington was 98 degrees; inside the old abode it was a sterling 79 degrees (cooking and opening doors quickly increased this by a few degrees), even though the A/C hadn’t been run for five days. Friends (yes, I have several) are always surprised at how cool it is in our apartment, and we rarely run the A/C, both because I am miserly and because the place stays pretty cool. So keep that in mind when apartment shopping in D.C. Heat rises y’all! If you want to stay cool, stay low.

This post does not apply to the advantages enjoyed by those blogging in their parents’ cool basements. You are all losers.

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