Downtown Gamestop, Laurel MD

Too much World Cup, that’s the only explanation for why I had to have Fifa 10. I’m a big manager guy, which I suppose puts me in the realm of World of Warcraft players in terms of dorkitude, but I didn’t want their gimmicky World Cup video game for Xbox. I had to have the one with Premier League, etc. Tromping down to the GameStop in my hood at Potomac and Pennsylvania SE was fruitless, only the gimmicky World Cup version. Whatever, I planned to go downtown the next day; there had to be a GameStop in downtown D.C., where almost a million people work, right? Wrong.

GameStops in central D.C.

These are all the GameStop's in central Washington. Must be a lot of losers in the H St NE corrdior?

Nope, rather than risk another failure by walking up to the downtown GameStop, D.C., near H St. NE, where there are somehow two videogame stores, I opted for the lovely cityof Laurel’s central GameStop district, near where I work.

Perhaps it’s high rents keeping a video game store out, but the male population, when stuck browsing the United Colors of Benetton with their gals, would likely flock to a game store in the Farragut area, which is basically all high-end clothing now. Literally hundreds of thousands of people are in this area every day, there has to be a solution that can mix in some downtown shopping right?

GameStop's in Laurel

GameStop's locations in Laurel, aka downtown GameStop.

Anyway, back to my gripping narrative. I chose to hit the straight line of video game density in the lovely Laurel area. And by lovely I mean traffic clogged and ugly. I would much rather my tax dough stay in Washington rather than go to mighty Maryland, but somehow in this case shopping in suburbs was more convenient than the alternatives. You don’t have to pay for parking, there’s lots of GameStops (and a Best Buy) nearby if one store is out of a game, and you are in the car already if you are in Laurel.

Word up GameSlop, next time I am taking out Frommer’s travel books from the MLK library downtown, you better have a store. Or at least stock the D.C. stores you have. Because I am not going back to Laurel. Except for when I go to work. More on that for the rest of the time I work in Laurel.

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