ESPYs=The Devil

Warning: This has very little to do with Washington, D.C.

There is nothing more inane, redundant, pathetic or self-aggrandizing than the ESPYs.  They say that capitalism is a vacuum and nothing flies in the face of that more than this televised garbage.

Seriously ESPN?  This is what we need?

Eli warming up to every athlete's favorite subject, themselves.

Sports leagues already dole out their own awards and plenty of them.  In baseball their is the MVP, the Cy Young, the DHL Delivery Man of the Year, 18 Gold Gloves, 18 Silver Sluggers, the Hank Aaron Award, the Roberto Clemente Award, the Rookie of the Year and Manager of the Year.  Half the league gets named to the All-Star team.  Then there is the All-Star Game MVP, the World Series MVP and the World Series Trophy.

That’s one sport and I’m not even counting’s set of awards that include such gems as Moment of the Year, Oddity of the Year and Unsung Star of the Year(!*).

sidebar- Do we need even need to discuss the irony of having an unsung award?!

Life showers plenty of awards on these people as it is.  They make boat loads of money.  In case you forgot here is a great reminder.  They also have a pick of any mate they choose.  And finally they get showered with endorsement deals, free swag and broadcasting jobs when they retire (you don’t even have to be good!).

The thing is I don’t even have a problem with this because, hey, such are the spoils of show business.  When you make it, you make it.  If you think players are making money just think about the owners.

Go ahead take my picture, I deserve it.

What I DO have a problem with is ESPN coming up with a bloated 3-hour program built to promote themselves and their “subjects.”  People don’t need any more incentive for becoming a professional athlete.

When ESPN does stuff like this is it just erodes any confidence the public has in an independent media.  The whole thing is unwatchable from Michael Wilbon emceeing the pre-show, to watching atheletes play movie star, to the awards themselves. Thanks ESPN for ruining everything.

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One Response to ESPYs=The Devil

  1. B-Money says:

    Pick someone different to make fun of than Rondo next time son!

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