Terpsizzlacs in NBA Summer League

GreivisIt’s always good to see our Terps going into the League. Lately we haven’t exactly been setting the world on fire, though that Steve Blake signing was encouraging I suppose, if you’re Steve Blake. Anyway, with Vasquez going 28th in the first round maybe someone from this year’s class can stick around…maybe just Laron Profit style…but it is still good shine for our school, for the obvious reason:

It feels strangely amazing to point out to some unfeeling soul that Chris Wilcox went to Maryland. Hey man, look at that 13.7/7.7 season in Seattle in 2006! That guy was a playa! I want to be able to do that during every game I watch. That’s the goal.

This is all a really backwards way of getting at the new grad Terps competing for difficult slots on NBA rosters. Only Vasquez will is a shoe-in, what with his guaranteed money, but we can still root for the underdogs.

It isn’t unheard of someone to work their way back to the League after being cut post-Summer League/Camp. But a player’s best chance to actually make a team comes during their first Summer League. And you really have to wow if you come into it without much rep.

Landon Milbourne is competing for a spot on the Hawks, Eric Hayes on the Wiz, and Vasquez obviously on the Griz. A bit surprised to see Hayes on a team; I think he has the biggest uphill battle for making a team. His college stats weren’t eye-popping and he’s not that athletic or a crazy defender. He’s heady and a good shooter: I’m calling Europe for him. Milbourne is undersized but plays hard – I’m trying to sell it but it’s not working…he might be D-League material, maybe a 10-day contract here and there. Don’t hate me Landon. Both these dudes will probably play pro ball somewhere, but I expect Vasquez is the only one on a roster come November. If he is relegated to the D-League, that’s a bad sign; he was a graduating senior. The things young players are supposed to learn in the D-League, he has (theoretically) already learned.

Looking at the fa-Shizzlies current roster as of July 9, their backcourt isn’t crazy crowded, though I am unsure how O.J. Mayo factors into point guard. If the Grizzlies don’t sign anyone better than Vasquez, I would expect him to have a shot at a rotation spot.

That is provided Mike Conley is in the starting line-up though. Mayo could conceivably play point but according to the 20 minutes I have ever seen him play; he is shoot-first. His assist-to-turnover ratio isn’t great. His field-goal percentage and scoring numbers are. I say he plays shooting guard.

Looking at Conley’s stats, he seems to be a fairly average point guard. But he’s certainly better than Mario Chalmers, who the Heat were desperately trying to make their starter earlier this year; they may still have to if they can’t sign anyone better. Conley is a much better shooter and a bit better passer than Chalmers. Plus O.J. Mayo is killing me.

Conley will probably be playing point guard this fall, with Gay and Mayo on the wings and Randolph and Marc Gasol (should get at least one  ring for that trade for his brother) down. If Vasquez rips it up in camp he could put himself in decent position for the backup point guard spot.

Why did I just delve into the Grizzlies roster? Well because watching Greivis for four years will ensure I continue to follow that lunkhead and his kick passes/Ehrlich endorsements. It’s good for the area, good for the university and increases the chance I can point him out on TV.

It’s a great we don’t have any readers; you can’t subtract anything from 0 and get less than you started with. No more Grizzlies posts.

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