Metro stations are hot; who knew?


Something tells me this picture wasn't taken in July. Could it be the jackets?

So yeah, it’s really hot. And if you are riding the Metro, the annual airing of the greivances begins in the Washington Post. Dr. Gridlock, who is the man, also has a nice post about this. He kind of alternates between common sense and hype as he searches for that elusive 100-degree reading in a Metro car. Gotta chase those eyeballs!

At least during off-peak hours, if the A/C is off in your car, just jump to another one. Most of the time, problem solved. And yes, if it isn’t, riders have a right to complain. A stuffy car is nauseating and uncomfortable, so it is a good look that Metro is pulling cars out of service to fix them, especially during the summer ridership lull. It’s just something we have to roll with, like escalator outages and seeing Metro employees drinking coffee AND leaving trash on the trains. I’m not saying it’s right; but what are ya gonna do about it?

When I tell people I’m from Maine, they always ask why I live down here. And Metro is invariably a reason. I will take a hot Metro ride over trying to drive to work in a blizzard anyday. At least D.C. has the sense to shut down on snow days.

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