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NTSB reenactment of 2009 Metro crash

This NTSB reenactment of last year’s crash is difficult to watch, especially knowing the outcome. One detail I (and others) noticed was at the circuit prior to the collision, the Automatic Train Control briefly goes to 0 mph, then back … Continue reading

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Tale of two big men

Albert Haynesworth failed his sprinting test. On Thursday. And Friday. Adam Dunn came to the Nationals and learned a new position. He’s now a serviceable first baseman. Albert Haynesworth skipped mini-camps, demanded a trade and took a lot of money … Continue reading

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Thank you, thank you

So, we just got our 100th visitor! Isn’t that exciting? It’s only taken three weeks. And WordPress will start paying us when we average 25,000 views a month. We just need to keep trending upward; you, the reader, need to … Continue reading

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To sell or not to sell the fans down the river

With the Matt Capps trade yesterday, things just got a lot more interesting. It is a shrewd GM that sells a closer when his team is not playoff bound. Especially shrewd because if Capps came back to the Nats, he … Continue reading

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Dear D.C. United: I’m sorry

It’s all my fault. Well, maybe not my fault, but certainly that of people like me. We can go boil in Dupont Circle for the U.S.-England game but we can’t get to one of your games. You are having your … Continue reading

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Strasburg DL’d for inflammation of the shoulder

Post story If I had to put this on a scale of concern from a Latos sneeze (the low-end) to a Mark Fidrych’s arm after 1977 (the HIGH end) I’d say it’s a lot more sneezarific. Why not to be … Continue reading

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Screeching into second place

I like this Matt Johnson dude. He has the time and knowledge to crank out nice analytical pieces about Metro and other rapid-transit systems, and readers should take note. This one might take the cake though, and it’s only part … Continue reading

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